We get asked, especially by the 4 of our 5 kids who have not visited, 'what's it like where you live?'  I just snapped these pics.  My skill as a photographer doesn't do our home justice.  I threw out half the pics but will post the rest, or you still won't know what it's like and we'll be back in New Mexico.

My favorite way of putting it, where we live, is that we are out in the woods on a country road, and I can get to Home Depot in just over 5 minutes.  I know, it's a guy's perspective.  But Pat isn't going to tell you what her's is.  Except for what she did on Waldo's baby pics she just won't write here.  And she write's quite as well as I do.  (Maybe better?)
Coming in from the street this is what you see.  The house is fairly nondescript.  In Maine this is called a 'Ranch Style'.  I was initially a little taken aback by the description, but...

It is the largest house we have ever lived in together, and maybe the largest period.  The 1900 sq. ft. here, and I don't think that even includes the basement or workshop, is far more than our 700 sq. ft. adobe in Stitzel Canyon.  Got to say, we really do like the space.  3 bedrooms and 2 baths is very luxurious.

Pat a I both rose from what would, at best,  be called lower middle class roots.  It never occurred to my parents that people owned property.  Well, somebody did, but that was the guy you paid the rent to.  My list of addresses when I went into the Navy at 17, required for a security clearance check, numbered 43.  And those were really just the ones we could recall.  Pat didn't move as much, but Johnny Walker and Jim Beam kept running off with the downpayment.
If you were to approach the house from the back side you would be coming out of a 55 acre wood lot.  Several houses surround this lot, in a sort of horseshoe of road that semi-circles the area.  We all share it, inasmuch as it is open for walking and wandering.  In the fall folk hunt deer in there; that's a touch scary.  The woods belonged to our house, until just before we bought; the previous owner sold them separately.  So long as it holds that the area can't be built on, and there are strictures to that effect in place now, I am just as happy to let someone else pay the taxes.

We have a little under 4 acres here.  Seems like it is half woods and half lawn.  I am at the bottom of the property in this shot looking up toward the house.  This distances are greater than they appear in the photos.

Not sure if it offers any perspective but the shot below is looking back down the path from the yard.
Here I am looking back up at the shop from a long extension of lawn.  The house is on the other side of the shop.  You see the shop on the right of the house, and behind it, in the shot from the street.
And left is Boyer Park.   Shay and Waldo are barking at me while I wander around without them.  Boyer Park is their place.  It is about 80 feet square, and no one has escaped from it yet.  The house is left and an end of the workshop is right.  This is another long finger of lawn.
Waldo and Shay are posing for us in front of Dog Island.  The dirt trail worn around it would seem to indicate there has been racing going on.  I am standing at the front door of my shop as I take this.
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