Thunder Pug & The Pugilists.
Mormon Molly, faceless canine of the North Woods.
This small steam roller would have gone north, to Alaska, with Buck, but she had other social obligations.

Every so often she comes to visit Boyer Park where boredom can run rampant in the veldt.
Then again, treachery lurks in the veldt.
"Aieeee, Chihuahua, Waldo!  Boca grande."
"Hey, scumbag, that's my leg in your boca grande."
"Hey, honey, you ears such a mess."
"Pod people???

They do what to you?!?"
Boxer Love:  it can be a near-death experience.
"Yo, Bitch!!!  How many times I hafta tell ya that's my  yougurt carton??"
"And that goes for you, too, you beeeg dofuss."